At Pin Oak, our investment philosophy is rooted in time-tested principles.

  • We believe that the drive of individuals to achieve is infused into the organizations they operate, creating opportunities to participate in their growth.
  • We believe inefficiencies in the ebb and flow of markets cause securities to be uniquely underpriced at times. Purchasing solid companies at attractive prices is a prudent way to participate in their success.
  • We believe the underlying strength and value of carefully selected companies purchased at the right price provide both more downside protection and more upside potential than the investment market as a whole.
  • We recognize there are other very talented investment managers throughout the country, and we utilize the most skilled sub-advisors we can find to supplement our own investment selections for our clients’ portfolios.
  • Growth for it’s own sake is not the goal. Our business is about people. We get to know our clients and match them with appropriate investment choices designed to meet their goals while maintaining peace of mind.