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Fixed Income Investment Philosophy

Our income portfolios are tailored to each client's needs.
  • Each fixed income portfolio is designed to preserve capital and meet the client’s after-tax return and income goals

  • Purchase a diversified, uncorrelated portfolio of fixed income securities with attractive risk/reward characteristics

  • Typically ladder securities to create a short-to-intermediate duration portfolio that is normally held to maturity.

  • Typically purchase from a variety of dealers, seeking best execution and price

  • Actively seek the best values among treasuries, agencies, municipals, mortgage-backed securities, corporate bonds, etc.

  • Focus on high quality issues expected to provide ample cash flow and asset coverage under very depressed economic conditions

  • To a lesser extent, invest in bond mutual funds

    • These funds are value-based managers with few restrictions on security type, credit quality, or duration; therefore allowing them to go where they see the best values.

    • Use funds to take advantage of special opportunities in the bank debt market, foreign markets, or convertible markets

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